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About Joann

Brooklyn based Joann Montalto is the proud owner and Chief Creative Officer of Brooklyn Bar Body and Bath.  The business was born in 2012 as a result of her desire to be an entrepreneur and allow her creativity to have an outlet.  Along with her former business partner, they launched a line of all natural soaps.  

Six years later, the line has grown to include products for the body & bath as well as for the home with her line of Signature STOKED Candles and home diffusers.

"When I create a new product or scent, I get my inspiration from the feedback and requests of my customers & friends and from some private time spent at the beach. My motto is that my products need to be "Simple, fresh and clean."

"Everything I create has to be something I would use myself, that I truly believe in and proudly stand by.  It brings me great joy when people react positively to my products as it's important to me for them to have a luxurious experience with promising results!"

( Those who have met me can say I really do look like this photo...always happy and loving life! )

Photo taken in Agrigento, Sicily - Aug. 2018.

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