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Bitter Balm / ALL Natural Insect Repellent & Relief

Bitter Balm / ALL Natural Insect Repellent & Relief

Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath

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Protect yourself with our Signature ALL Natural Insect Repellent & Relief made with the purest ingredients and highest quality essential oils. There are no chemicals in this formula and it’s safe for the entire family! (Tested on our own.)

  • Our natural butters and oils will moisturize your skin while our signature bitter blend will protect you from bites.
  • NO DEET IN HERE...only the finest, purest essential oils that deter insects, such as mosquitoes, flies and bees as it even kills their larvae!
  • No need to rinse off this all natural formula before bed.
  • Our natural colorant comes from herbs and botanicals.
  • Compact size for easy carry anywhere you go.

* Applying every 2 hours is recommended due to the all natural ingredients.

If you forget to apply and get bitten, rub it on the bite and it will calm it, reducing inflammation helping bite marks disappear within 24 hours.

Personal Size  .60 oz  ($11)

Family Size  2oz  ($27) 


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