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Soy Wax vs. Paraffin

Most candles are made from paraffin, but I opted to use soy wax in the STOKED line because I knew it would give me a better quality candle.  Soy wax is also eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral.

  • Soy wax is made of soybeans, which is a renewable source.   Paraffin is not renewable and has carcinogenic substances.
  • Ever notice a candle with black soot on the jar or on the wax itself?  That is usually a paraffin candle but with a soy candle you will get a better and cleaner burn.  
  • Your soy candle is going to last longer as it will burn slower than a paraffin candle.
  • Soy waxes hold fragrance oils better, therefore, releasing the fragrance slower and cleaner resulting in a better hot or cold “scent throw”.

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